Wednesday, August 16, 2006

SCANDAL! Eurasian Terror Squirrel gets "special treatment"

And yet again German "Bild Zeitung" is able to uncover one of the greatest scandals of all times. As though the United Nation's refusal of putting an embargo on the acorn and nut supply to the Red Squirrolia's major terror headquarters around the world was not enough, latest results of professional journalist work clarify that we have only seen the "tip of the iceberg".
History has taught mankind throughout the last decade that behind a successful terror network always stands a government to support it...
As to be seen right on our front porch these days where members of the dangerous terror caste have made public appearances sending the clear message "can't touch this!", receiving a very special treatment. BILD uncovers - not only are the "reckless maniacs" able to move freely within the boundaries of our forests but, covered and organized by the government, also receive daily ANAL MASSAGES upon request. Financed with tax-money that goes into the billions. All to keep the mighty force satisfied and calm? Or is there more? What interest does the government have in winning over one of the most deadly and organized terror organizations in the world? I am sure BILD will keep us informed. In the meantime watch your nuts at all times and have your friends and family look after each other's testicles as well.
- No, this doesn't make any sense, but this is an original article from "" which has not been altered in any way...

Saturday, August 05, 2006

90es Rock is great...

Music videos are great. Since I now found out how to link them on here I'll start off with one by the Smashing Pumpkins. Great band and great video though not for everybody's taste I guess...not exactly lots of bling bling and homies in da hoood. I like the concept though. One of many great SP videos.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Arrr! Welcome on board pirate!

Avast! This goes out to all them lubbers out there.

As I'm sitting here in me small, but proud imaginary bung hole of a ship, sailing towards the sunset n all that I cannot help but wonder weather the life as a pirate would bare some compfort of freedom among it's rough circumstances.

Just the other day this girl approached me with the words: "Come show me how ye bury yer treasure, lad!" - Had I only been familiar with the pirate lingo...who knows... I might have fired me cannon through her porthole...errr, or somethin. Sorry, gettin carried away on the pirate talk. Forgive me bad manners.

Well this whole internship situation was giving me the Davies for a while, if you know what I mean, but eventually I get the impression things might add up some time soon. Well...concessions needed to be made. KYOCERA in Meerbusch/Duesseldorf agreed to take me sorry sailor's arse on board while HP in Boeblingen (deep down south where they like to talk funky) will let me know what's happening till friday. Now shiver me timbers Cockswains, we're finally going somewhere on this cruise!

What sucks about this situation is that a) KYOCERA gives me €500/month and I could move to DD which I'd kinda like, while HP (there should be a...b)) doesnt pay aynthing and is located in a city I didnt even know existed. Further I have this guy in the US working on something as well (With the GACC in Atlanta). He might take another 2 weeks though and till then the other 2 will want a decision, given that HP would take me. Now that prolly wont work out as far as waiting for the US is concerned and that sucks..., let me spell that out for you S-U-C-K-S.
I bet one day after signing a contract over here he'll pop up with this great thing in the US and I'll be calling for me Powder Monkey in order to set an end to my worthless existence. (or something along those lines)
Well however it turns out, I'll be packing me duffle and sailing off to wherever doom or destiny send me. Aye aye!

See you soon...or not

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

How I feel

Another addition to this very intimate account of my life and deepest inner feelings: As usual I was going to use the great and mighty poetry that floats through me to describe my very self and my inner quarry in the most intense and intoxicating way possible in order to let you be a part of my soul; but sometimes I feel it is wiser to quote those great literary heroes of our century that already found the right words to manifest that fragile, but powerful feeling into words. Therefore I shall now stop the rambling and kindly ask you to follow the upcoming link to get an insight into my troubled mind:

You just gotta l-o-v-e useless flash-crap...

On Monday I'm going to Munich to do an interview with BMW. I think I'll use that flash page to introduce myself properly before they tare me apart and spit me out in pieces all over the floor.




Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm going to bed, everyone else is going away... really, I am about to pass out sitting in my chair. Not without good reason. Last night we had a nice lil going away party with all the pals from my university that are part of my class. All of em? Well...who can really tell, maybe a few were missing :o

Anywho, everybody is going away to places far away and some around the corner of Europe. But in the end they'll all settle somewhere to take on the challenges of working as an intern in international companies like Hugo Boss, Toshiba and God knows what else. Me? Oh, meee..., well same, same. L.A. won't work out because of some stupid ass company policy that they could not have informed me about right in the beginning, before I did 5 million interviews and started to get all excited about it, no, just when I thought I had it all wrapped up they came, saw and screwed all over my happy face. Oh well.., such is life and it would've been too good anyway. But who's gonna give up? Today I got a call from Microsoft. I had written them last week or so and now some guy called me up and asked me about the details and to send him the C.V. and stuff I faxed again via e-mail. He was a german dude, so the possibility is there that I might stay in Germany to do my internship. - I dont even care anymore. I just want to do something. Microsoft might be interesting...maybe I can work out a way to spare them the expenditure of 1,5 million euro per day for not releasing their source codes and striving for a monopoly on many levels. I'll just call up that EU commission and tell them that a giant schizophrenic eurasian red squirrel has taken hostages and threatens to shed some blood unless the charges are withdrawn. I mean...they probably won't care to negotiate with terrorists, but on the other hand it might buy some time as I doubt there are any precedent cases dealing with the eurasian terror caste "red squirrolia". Anyway...I'm getting carried away. What I wanted to say is that everybody is leaving and that you can't have that without a decent wet (you have no idea) party to finish it off.
So here it goes:

It's always nice to start off with a picture or two, so there that is - hope nobody minds - we all look...uhm... drunk, I guess?

We grilled some beef and drank a lot of beer and Vodka and Korn and other evil stuff and in the end a few people, including myself, though there is no evidence yet (Irini?), ended up in the pond which was right by our campsite in the woods. It was rather groce, but Tina (Or is it Tine?) started it and I was seduced to try it myself. Well, even though I could not compete with the stunning shape of those female bodies I revealed my Roger the alien kind of body and found my way into the muddy pond...

"Oh my god... those chocodiles Haley... oh my god."
"We can't all look like those anorexic aliens in the James Cameron movies, okay..?"

After taking a shower and waking up the whole house by the time everybody had showered, splattering the whole bathroom with mud and clogging the shower with all the dirt we brough in, around 5-ish in the morning we got ready to leave and around 6-ish we finally did. o_O (Kudos to Lino our brave driver)

Finally home (after trying to track down a lost, drunk, driving sheep) I was confronted with a locked front door and a key on the inside. Wake up dad taking the piss out of him - sleeping in the car? Dad - Car, Dad - Car, Dad - wait a second. Took the neighbour's key I had and crashed in their basement. End of a long day, but definately a good time.

If you're in these pictures and you want to be removed please let me know... or sue me. Beware though... a eurasian terror squirrel might help me win over the jury...

I wish you all a lot of fun during the next year and hope to see you all again when we return. Don't let the bed bugs bite you. Keep in touch!

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
With best regards

Christopher Mo... oh geez... I've been writing to many of these...
Peace out homies...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Rheinkultur 2006

One year has passed since the last Rheinkultur and we were excited about going yet again. The lineup was pretty cool, though Coheed and Cambria had chancelled. The weather was great. Must have been at least 30° outside and the sun was burning our lil asses. A beer and some good Bratwurst later, my initial concern about death through dehydration or staving had already disappeared, we looked at the first bands and desperately seeked shade wherever we could. Soon we climbed up the hill to look over the whole area which is where we stayed for a while. The view is quite nice up there...wait, a picture:

The first cool thing which surprised me was Slut.
( Really cool music with a mixture of Muse, Placebo and many other influences. The interpretation of the "3 Groschen Oper" in a rock dress also sounded pretty sweet, plus I thought it was a cool idea...

After watching Archive ( and running over to the blue stage afterwards we saw what we wanted to see. Death Cab For Cutie [( CHECK IT OUT! ] really played a great show that got me all carried away in thoughts while I enjoyed the setting sun, the light show and the nice warm air. Great way of ending the night. I love this band. Go listen to Death Cab For Cutie and buy their CDs. Something worth supporting. Here's a shot of them - well...somewhat...

HERE is one of their videos... check it out..


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Horray, horray, L.A.? L.A.?

Some new information in the internship department. I will have an interview tomorrow and I might have to fly to L.A. for a personal interview with Sony Tristar. Spending all this money for a 40 minute interview is insane, I know, but I suppose you have to take chances every once in a while and...well, being a spoiled lil shit prolly doesnt do any damage on that front. Anyway... I have another thing goin with the GACC (German American Chamber of Commerce) in Chicago and they might have some work for me as well. So as usual, time will tell... It better do so quickly, because I'm sick and tired of waiting around. I'm excited about TriStar. They even sent me a list of upcoming movies I'd be working on (as far as marketing and pr are concerned). Internship in L.A., working in marketing, with frickin movies... I mean, does it get any better?

Listen to Zero 7 and Radiohead if you wish. If that is depressing you and you dont feel like being depressed with frickin 800° outside, well, go listen to Paris Hilton then or alternatively some RHCP.

Have a good one...